Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 September - Spring - Chocolates or Flowers?

Should I give my wife a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or both to celebrate the first day of Spring?

1 September - Spring - Chocolates or Flowers?
Lucky you. It's Autumn here. Get her both - go on ... spoil her!
Reply:A beautiful bunch of spring flowers ^_^ And what a lovely person you are to give her gifts for a reason like that; she is very lucky!
Reply:Flowers that you have picked yourself
Reply:Is she on a diet? Then floweres,if not it's a toss-up,
Reply:I wish it was first day of Spring here you lucky little thing. We're going into Autumn (Fall). Be a devil and get both.
Reply:Awwwwwwwwwww!!! I love YOU!!! There arent to many men like you!!! Both would be my guess and hell throw in a romantic dinner and she will be eating the chocolate out of your hands!!!! Take care and god bless you both!!!
Reply:just give her a good seeing to ya pansy
Reply:flowers. its spring after all.
Reply:flowers! it is spring after all. Also if you buy her chocs and come summer she looks bad in her bikini lets face it it will be your fault.
Reply:Flowers first, candlelit dinner that you've prepared yourself, then the chocolates. Then kiss her and tell her how much you love her.
Reply:Flowers. Definitely flowers, unless she is premenstrual in which case chocolates will go down very well!
Reply:bless you shes a likely lady well give her the best chocolates flowers a romantic meal yes the works bless you........
Reply:I'd prefer flowers, but you should know your own wife well enough to know what she'd rather have.

Lucky you. Our summer's dying fast here
Reply:Flowers and a basket of exotic fruits. You don't want her to get fat do you.
Reply:Wow what a nice thought both!
Reply:Both + lots of LOVE
Reply:Oh my God, what an absolute sweet heart you are, although not terribly bright. Spring was back in April and Fall is around the corner.

You can never go wrong with flowers.
Reply:if your feeling generous then why not give her both she is worth it
Reply:That is a sweet though. Flowers are a great spring item, but what woman would not melt for chocolate and flowers? I consider her quite lucky to have someone like you. Keep it up. You'll keep her happy that way. I sure hope she appreciates such a thoughtful person.
Reply:flowers... they last longer. flowers and a kiss :-)
Reply:Aaww that is so sweet of you! I would love to have a husband like you. I would be happiest with the flowers and a kiss.
Reply:flowers for sure. Maybe even both
Reply:what a lovely guy you are (I want you-joking)
Reply:both. a big bouquet of flowers and a beautiful box of chocolate
Reply:both its more romantic
Reply:Give her a box of Buckeyes to celebrate Buckeye Season

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