Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who can't wait for Spring to come? if not What your favorite season?

I love Spring. Flowers blooming. Up north is better than the south. South sometimes goes right into Summer. HOT!!!!

Who can't wait for Spring to come? if not What your favorite season?
I can't wait!! I've already got my vegetable garden planned and what flowers I'm going to get planned...I'm so excited. Even the smell in the air during spring is wonderful.
Reply:i Love Spring too Everything is coming alive and getting green... But if it werent for winter.... man all the bugs And I do not like bugs.... So i am thankful for all the seasons...... I live in a four seasons part of the usa
Reply:I really like the fall because it is warm but not too hot. I never get sick or sunburned and it's not too cold. The leafs are bueataful and the people are in a general good mood.
Reply:ME! This cold northern weather has got to stop! 25 to 27 below today with the wind chill! BRRR! It's cold! And everyones pipes are freezing up! I do like spring, but not all the rain. But the colors are pretty. I actually like fall the best. It's not too hot or too cold. Colors are very vivid! Just beautiful with all the colors of the leaves on the trees changing.
Reply:Ah...beautiful blooming flowers, warm breezes. I can almost

conjure it up, but alas it is freezing cold. Spring come quickly!
Reply:When Mother Nature plays fair, central ohio should be the perfect spot, equal spring, summer, winter, and falls!! Seldom happens but all seasons have their charms if your open to them!

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