Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tiny white flowers in Ancient Olympia in early spring?

When I was in Ancient Olymipa, Greece this past February we went into the staduim and the hillside to the right was covered in these little white flowers that left yellow pollen on my clothes after i was lying in them. I need to know exactly what kind of flower they were.

Please help me! they are the same as the little white flowers in this picture:

Any information would be of help!

Tiny white flowers in Ancient Olympia in early spring?
That should be chamomile, while the red ones are poppies.

If the smell of them was very profound, then certainly were chamomile.

If I'm guessing right you must be Greek and surely in that case, your mother must have used it when you were small.
Reply:They look like DAISIES to me... it might be chamomile though....hard to tell from a distance.
Reply:They are definitely chamomile, Χαμομήλι.in Greek.

But, hey, don't worry, they will not bother you again: All of the area is burnt to a crisp now.

And in five years this useless field will be developed to a magnificent country housing complex, sold in very reasonable prices.

Keep the picture for memento, who needs the flowers anyway.....
Reply:The white flowers look more like daisies or 'Margarites' in Greek.

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