Monday, May 11, 2009

Has anyone got spring flowers in the garden yet i do if so what kind do you have?

In central English midlands, between Derby and Birmingham I have :

wild primroses full of flowers %26amp; tons of snowdrops (several varieties) both of which were out when I returned from overseas on Jan 15th.

Species crocuses - purple, yellow and white

A camellia which has just opened its flowers

An Acer has unfortunately burst into leaf - this is at risk of frost damage!

Has anyone got spring flowers in the garden yet i do if so what kind do you have?
Several Primroses!
Reply:The Snowdrops are Blooming for about two weeks now,and some more are starting to bloom.The Daffodils are ready to pop into Flower with yellow heads on them.The Crocuses have Leaves on them and so the Bluebells. The Crab Apple Tree has a couple of leaves starting to grow. We had the big Storm before England over a Week ago but now the Weather is quite nice and Sunny about 10 or 12 Celsius. We are on the East Coast of Ireland.
Reply:Nope, it is still snowing here.
Reply:Snowdrops, Daff's are almost ready to flower too and so are the grape Hyacinths.
Reply:i have crocuses and my neighbour has daffs already,

we are in the south east UK

spring is coming early!! horaaay.....

soon we will have bbq at xmas like in oz!
Reply:I have a couple of crocus' and have seen load of daffodils. Also buds on trees!
Reply:I have lots of shoots coming up but this morning I noticed I have a couple of mini iris opened, I live in scotland and I remember last year we had a really heavy snow just after my bulbs came out!!!
Reply:grape hyacinths, daffodils, quince, and hyacinths
Reply:I live in Southern Illinois. I have Hyacinths and Daffodils up already.
Reply:I saw daffodils out already! I live in the UK and these flowers aren't due for another month at least!!

Bearded Irises, some Aubretia, Hyacinths, Daffs (just starting), Hebes, Roses, Solanum crispum, grass growing, Crocus and an Alium christophii in leaf.

The season is all out of whack down here on the south coast of England.

But! ... it could still snow!

We've had snow here in April and if the temperature drops significantly we could experience some losses and reduced flowering this year. Sorry to be gloomy. Don't want it to snow or get frosty personally as it limits my work!

Lifts your spirit though don't it to have sunny days and flowers out!
Reply:I have snowdrops and miniature cyclamen - very pretty, I love spring flowers - but haven't seen a crocus yet :(
Reply:I have daffodils, bluebells and crocus' all budding and

my primroses are out!

There are buds on our trees as well.
Reply:Yeah my daffodils are starting to come up - it is mad, I say, mad. My neighbour was out cutting his grass yesterday!!
Reply:One yellow rose, snow drops, grape hyacynths and daffs in bud.
Reply:I am so envious of all of you. I have 2" of ice under several inches of snow.

Spring can't come too soon.
Reply:Snowdrops and primulas

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