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What kind of FLOWERS should I use in my SPRING wedding?

Ok, so I just started planning my wedding (OH MY GOSH!!! NEVER HAVE I DONT ANYTHING SO STRESSFULL LOL) and I have no idea what would make a nice bouqutet for spring. I'm not a large fan of roses and I like simple things. Any ideas would be wonderfull. Thank you for your answer and your time.

What kind of FLOWERS should I use in my SPRING wedding?
lilies--many, colorful varieties: calla lilies, stargazer, and many more; orchids--available in many colors and varieties also; umm I plan on using lilacs--which come in purple (light and dark), pink (light and dark), and white; daisies CONGRATS!
Reply:Carnations are beautiful. I'm not a fan of roses, As a matter of fact, I HATE them. Report It

Reply:white lilies
Reply:Tulips are so beautiful for spring, they come in many different colors as well!
Reply:I'm doing daffodils, tulips, irises, and one rose. These are all natural flowers for that time of year and thus inexpensive. However, it's important to remember that daffodils and tulips are allergic to each other, so one of them has to be fake, I think. You could even put some forsythia in a bouquet, which would look interesting.

Good luck with the rest of your planning %26amp; your marriage!
Reply:Keep it simple with daffodils
Reply:I used Gerbera Daisies mixed with smaller varieties of daisies as accents in mine. Decide on your wedding color and then choose a flower that goes well with that color. No matter what you do, everyone will say how gorgeous it is. I also don't like roses much, but I can still appreciate a nice bouquet.
Reply:Lily's. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Pink, White, red, orange...
Reply:Tulips - they are in season in the spring and are classic, clean lined and beautiful. Lilies are nice, too, but make sure you don't get the kind that smell like funerals - I'm not sure of the variety, but every time I smell them I can't stand them!

Hydrangea's are nice - but they won't be in season so they'll be more expensive.

Good luck - don't stress out! have fun with it - and have a great time at your wedding!
Reply:orchids are beautiful, or Lily's, anything but a rose(way to original)
Reply:Hi and congratulations!

If it's spring...I think of TULIPS. They are classic, simple, and not too expensive. Lillies are also very common for bouquets, especially for spring. Go to a florist and look through their books to get ideas. All florists are willing to work within your budget!

Good luck!
Reply:if you want a reasonably priced spring bouquet you could use daisies, daffodils, tulips, all manner of spring flowers to pick from and if you want add one or two lilies to add some panache!

what a wonderful season to start a new life! best wishes and happy marriage!
Reply:any color hydrangea their really pretty and go with everything....i really dont like roses either. all lilies are pretty is so hard to decide what to do about flowers and everything if you know your colors its a whole lot easier tho. good luck
Reply:there are so many types of flowers in the spring that you can have in your wedding. you should go to borders. they have a lot of bridal magazines you can look in and also a bridal book section that you can look at. and if or when you see something youlike just take it home and when you find a florist you like you just show these pictures to her or him.that is what i did. all i did was look at pictures and magazines and clipped out all the ones i liked and that goes for wedding cakes, your gown, everything that dealt with weddings i tore out and put it in my wedding binder.
Reply:why not go with pansies, daisys and carnations. these are lovely spring flowers and look great in bouquets. Best Wishes.

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