Monday, May 11, 2009

What types of flowers are the first to come up in early spring?

normally the ones growing from bulbs. They have a head start due to the stored energy in the bulb.

What types of flowers are the first to come up in early spring?
crocus...forgetmenots tulips start early dafodils
Reply:i guess it depends where you live but if you live in a temperate climate, it's the bulb flowers... (like crocuses and tulips) but the very first ones up (always) are snowdrops.
Reply:Our pink azaleas are already blooming though before any of our other flowers. They are gorgeous! It's officially spring!
Reply:crocus. Daffodils.
Reply:Your bulb flowers are the first to come up especially if you have had some warm weather. I live in East Texas and my tulips are up about 4 inches. So are my Daffs. Driving around town I have noticed tulip trees are in full bloom. Keep a watch on the weather in your area. There is always a little freeze just before Easter. If you will be getting a freeze of some kind cover you sprouts. Don't use plastic. This will burn the young tender sprouts. Also keep LOTS of water on your sprouts.
Reply:In the northeast cold-- daffodils, crocus, some tulips, hyacinth, grape hyacinth

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