Monday, May 11, 2009

What flowers or plants do you recommend this early in the spring?

For the yard..

What flowers or plants do you recommend this early in the spring?
Blue lobelia, pink begonnia's, white alyssum, yellow daffodils-perfect spring collection of annual flowers.

To start in the yard....larkspur. They are cold loving biennial.

Sweet peas...they love cool ,wet weather.

Yes ....also....Pansies....lots and lots of pansies.
Reply:Tulips,Daffoilds,Pansies,Plant roses,and flowering shurbs.
Reply:Walk around your neighbourhood and see what is blooming.

You said "yard" so I assume you're in the States which has numerous growing zones. Hmm. How does one answer when one does not know your location?

If you want them growing in your lawn then crocus which is a corm (usually called a bulb in the catalogues) planted in the fall. If you want them in a bed then there are loads of Narcissus bulbs such as daffodils and paperwhites which are planted in the fall. Snowdrops (Galanthus) are lovely as well as Hyacinth and early tulips. Those last three are bulbs too.

If you're lucky you live in a growing zone which has Camellias and Hellebores blooming right now. Primula are also lovely. Winter pansies are good too.

You can always go to a garden center and buy pots already planted up for you.
Reply:Calendulas, pansies, violas, dianthus, delpheniums
Reply:Already bloomed - tulips, cyclamene, rhodadendron, bachelor buttons, sweet william, larkspur, snapdragon, and vinca.

Seed - lavender, lupine, gardenia, columbine, hollyhock, canterbury bells, tritoma, nasturtium

for shoe lasts

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