Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowers for poor soil hillside?

I'm looking for flower seeds/bulbs that will grow on a part sun hillside in amongst lots of trees. The soil is eroding somewhat due to the steepness of the hill as well! I live in central New Jersey. Is there anything I can plant in the fall for Spring?

Flowers for poor soil hillside?
Easter flowers and daffodils will work also maybe some Candis or some 4 o'clock for it will run up the slop and hold the dirt in place and bl-um not alot will stay on a steep slop but I would try the 4 O'clock and see if they will stay they can clime you house or something that will stay low to the ground and bl-um this will help you from losing you soil
Reply:I bet daffodils would grow just fine. You might want to add some bone meal to the hole when you plant them. To help with erosion, some liriope would be great. You can plant them any time of year and they are not picky about soil or sun. They will spread over the years and stay green well into winter.

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