Monday, May 24, 2010

What are your thoughts on an Irish Spring shampoo?

Who else would buy this in a heartbeat? I can't stand washing my brawny hair with feeble lavender scented shampoos. I need a manly stinking that stinks so good as IRISH SPRING!!! I know for sure that and Irish Spring shampoo could easily tackle my testosterone filled hairs. No shampoos on the market can easily remove the garbage embedded in my nest.

Although women are attracted to my manliness naturally, I'm thinking that the poofy flower shampoo I use is detracting from my total woman-seducing power. Irish Spring shampoo would only multiply my chances of scoring beautiful females.

Who's with me?

What are your thoughts on an Irish Spring shampoo?
that would be awesome! i love that smell. pert plus is kinda like that. more of a manly smell i mean. but yah i totally know what you mean. alot of shampoo is too feminine in the pink bottles and all.
Reply:well i like the smell of irish spring so why not shampoo.
Reply:Love the smell, so why not?
Reply:You must have a lot of time on your hands if your having a LONG conversation with yourself about Irish Spring Shampoo...then again I must be too if I read the darn thing...

Reply:HA! good one..."brawny hair"? "testosterone-filled hairs"? %26gt;snickers%26lt;.

"OOOOO, you're so manly!"
Reply:Did they pay you to say all that?
Reply:if it`s anything like the soap-harsh %26amp; drying-then no thanx!!!

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