Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ok Spring is here! What is your favorite Flower? Do you buy Your favorite flower from the Florist?

My favorites... the STARGAZER! I pay 7 dollars a stem for them and I always have three in one vase and one in my office vase. I also love daisies, so they are in there and a spray of roses.. pink. I also have a little bit of fillers in there. (in both vases).

I also love Roses. White first, Red second, and then I love a rusty color rose also.

Carnations are great but they are the last of my favorites.

(during the summer I always pick Black Eyed Susans)... They are my birth flower... I cant wait to see my flowers bloom in the garden. I love my gardens. (tulips are almost up and all the other spring flowers yeah)!!!!

So let me know what flowers you love! name at least 5????

Ok Spring is here! What is your favorite Flower? Do you buy Your favorite flower from the Florist?
I love Star Gazer Lilys! The are my absolute favorite flowers! I have been growing them in my garden for years and each time they bloom I'm in heaven! I also love a flower called Moon glow! They are a flower that looks like a vine but the flowers off the vine are hugh and they only open at dusk and give off such a pretty scent! They attrack Luna Moths which I think are very wonderful to see at dusk. They are big light green moths and I think they are beautiful to see.
Reply:They are my Favorites too! You'll love the moon flowers too! They are so pretty! Report It

Reply:i like yellow and white roses, and i grow them outside in my front yard. i also love daffodils, the white ones with a yellow center..i grow these also. for other times i like carnations and Lilly's.
Reply:Tulips or daffodils in the spring. They are the first to bring color to the end of a dull winter. :)

Lilacs...they smell so good.

Daisies...they are cheerful and remind me of my mother who passed away when I was 14. They were her favorite.

Begonias....big and full of color and long lasting.
Reply:My favorites are all naturals. Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, peonies, violets...
Reply:Tulips are my favorite. I also like yellow roses.
Reply:Daisy's are my favorite followed by daffodils. Spring is finally here, I am so excited!!!
Reply:My sister named her dog (Yorkie) Stargazers little Lilly. She really loves them!! I like red roses and white ones and I also like my elephant ears they get BIG.
Reply:iris %26amp; snapdragons are my favorites.

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