Monday, May 24, 2010

What is your favorite thing about the 4 seasons, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall?

mine are:

Summer - laying on the beach listening to the waves

Winter - the morning after a snow fall and everthing is pristine

Spring - Flowers in bloom

Fall - the crisp clean smell of the air

What is your favorite thing about the 4 seasons, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall?
Summer - Long daylight hours, and warm quiet night times good for walking.

Winter - Rain, snow and the great feeling of kicking back in large blankes by the fireplace.

Spring - The blossoming of plant life and warm gentle breezes

Fall - the crisp colder air creeps back in while the leaves on the ground are golden.

beach, camp, and no skool

winter- snow, and snow fights

spring- hope of getting out of school


none, i dont like fall
Reply:These are my favorite things in each season:

Summer - Riding the motorcycles with all my friends

Winter - Skiing!

Spring - The realization that summer is around the corner.

Fall - The changing colors and foliage around us!
Reply:summer-to wear what u want in the sun.

wintter-drink hot tea,coffe and soup.

srping-watch the birds all over.

fall-the open sky and the freshness
Reply:that they change !!


Reply:Summer - the smell of freshly mown grass

Winter - snuggling inside with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate while it snows outside

Spring -lilacs!!!

Fall - the color of the changing leaves
Reply:Fall- the multicolored leaves

Winter- snowfall

Spring- this bud's for you!

Summer- same as you, the beach and sun
Reply:Their songs :P

Summer: I can go for walks, because it's sunny, but I don't like it too hot.

Winter: Snow, even if it isn't proper snow, it's still snow.

Spring: Little baby animals :)

Autumn: My birthday and all the pretty coloured leaves.
Reply:winter,because Christmas is in winter and i love gettin presents

and summer becuase school is out and that is all that i like
Reply:Summer - scantily clad women and nudity.

Winter - snow and Christmas.

Spring - yard sales and baseball.

Fall - cool night breezes and football.
Reply:summer-play pc at home.the whole year is summer!!

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