Monday, May 24, 2010

Is The Season Spring Coming Early This Year?

Is The Season Spring Coming Early This Year?,

I Ask This Cause The Trees In My Yard Are Starting To Bloom The Leafs Out Its Branches And I See Spring Flowers, And Its Not Cold Like It Was Last Year., Iam New At This So Iam Sorry My Spelling And Typing Isnt Good.

Is The Season Spring Coming Early This Year?
No. Spring begins on the Spring equinox. this is March 21, and it will end on the Summer Solstice. It looks as though Mother Nature is getting ahead of herself because plant life depends of many factors to begin its seasonal life cycle. And like outside of my house here on the East Coast, the temperature is quite moderate and higher than it usually is this time of year so the plants on starting to bloom.
Reply:yes it is global warming caused by the americans who are destroying the planet by their gas guzzling cars and selfish over indulgance .
Reply:Sometimes our plants are fooled into blooming before the last frost. Right now my weather can be in the 70's one day and down to the 40's the next day.

My first sign of early spring weather is when I see a red-breasted robin. Although I have not seen one yet (Galveston), I have seen them as early as January 3.
Reply:No. It has been warm so far but until February has come and gone, you cannot assume anything. Just one sustained cold wave will zap the flower buds off. There is a major arctic air outbreak arriving later this week. On Friday it will cross the Canadian border into the U.S, charging on and freezing plants in its wake. Not sure where you live.
Reply:I live on the East Coast , and i'm seeing bees , flies, mosqetoes. Lots of birds have never left and migrated. They are still here singing in the morning.This is not normal deep winter weather.

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