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What is a nice, yellow flowered perrenial that will stay in bloom from late spring until fall?

I have a rock garden with nice plants but I need a yellow flowered perrenial that will stay flowered all summer long.

What is a nice, yellow flowered perrenial that will stay in bloom from late spring until fall?
An excellent perennial, that blooms from spring to fall, is blanket flowers. I planted mine just this year (as I'm landscaping) in the early spring and they have not stopped blooming yet. At any given time they are covered with at least 2 dozen blooms. Simply deadhead the spent flowers and they will continue to flourish. They are also great because they don't require a whole lot of water.
Reply:Helianthus x maximiliani--Maximillian's sunflower is a perennial, needs little water and blooms like crazy. Here's a picture:

See also the cat's claw vine, hardy to 10 degrees F which can be trained to a trellis or even topiary:

Yellow foxglove (rare perennial):

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise':

Aquilegia Alpine Columbine (reseeds prolifically):

Dusty MIller:

Anemone multifida 'Annabelle White':
Reply:Rudbeckia is a good one. Very hardy and will reseed itself if you like.

Another one with very light yellow flowers and an airy look is one called moonbeam coreopsis. It will bloom for an extended period of time.

If you like daylilies, Stella d'ora is a long, long blooming variety.

These are the only ones that I can remember at this point that have a long period of bloom.

Good luck.
Reply:The one that you are looking for is Rudbeckia ( Black Eyes Susan )

Its carefree , pest free , and blooms for months ... there are several

varieties , but the very best is Rudbeckia " Goldsturm "

Here's a link ....
Reply:I have a yellow flowered perennial called coriopsis in my landscaping. There are different varieties of coriopsis and I don't know what this one is, but I do know that it gets just covered with yellow flowers and it blooms for a very long time.
Reply:No such animal. Perrenials are notoriously short lived bloomers. Try surrounding one with annuals. I know they are a pain, but they hold blooms longer.
Reply:Well if you were in the southern part of Canada I might say that Yellow Canna would be good. However, not knowing exactly where you are up there it is hard to say. I grow the Yellow Cannas here in the southern US. They are absolutely gorgeous flowers and can survive the heat but not sure about the deep freezes that occur up there.
Reply:Achillea "Moonshine" : Moonshine yarrow. It is very pretty, easy to grow, and the vivid yellow blooms stay gorgeous from late spring all summer long.
Reply:Daylily,,,,Stella D'Oro.....Blooms from Spring thru Fall. Is about 12' tall. Likes shade as well as sun, but doesn't like to get to dry. Beautiful greenier too. Also can try Primrose, yellow. Used as Ground cover, but can be aggresive. 3 to 6" tall. Likes dry / drought conditions. Full sun. Plants from seed, is perrenial. Doesn't bloom the first year, but will bloom constant from spring to fall the next year.

Could try Rose Moss,,,Yellow. Grows 12' to 18' inches. Constant bloomer in mornings. Likes full sun to shade. Goes to seed in fall, comes back in spring. Easy to take care of, low maintenance.
Reply:there is a type of trailing lantana ground cover that is a beautiful shade of medium light yellow. I've seen it in rock gardens and it is good there with full sun. You know a bright deep blue like lobelia always makes the yellow pop , I've seen it combined with yellow marigolds which also have a long bloom. But you have to plant the lobelia before it gets hot, but not while it's freezing., so they can establish a good root system before the heat. I think trailing flowers look best in a rock garden.Anyway the marigolds and lobelia are annuals.

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