Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are some good season flowers?

I have tulips but it froze here and now they are dead, then i find out that they only last for the spring part of the season...

so does anyone know some good pretty colorful flowers for all of this wonderful season?

this is my first garden/house and i would really like to make it nice and homey

What are some good season flowers?
Most flowers only bloom during a certain part of the season, but there are a few that last a little longer than others. A lot of annuals will bloom all season long. Petunias, geraniums, marigolds, etc.

If you are looking for perennials (flowers that come back every year) here are some suggestions. If you mix them in a flower bed you will have something always in flower.

Siberian Wallflower is probably the longest lasting flower in my garden:

For spring: Tulips, daffodils, crocus.

For early spring/summer: Bleeding heart (if you can find everyblooming it will bloom all summer long), poppies, peonies, lamium.

For summer to fall: coneflowers, black eyed susans, daisies, Lilies (usually late summer to fall).

Fall: asters and mums.
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