Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do you care for a trumpet vine. I just planted it this spring will it flower this year?

Our trumpet vine didn't flower for 2 years but it was a very small one to start with. Now (15 years later) we're very sorry we planted it because volunteer vines are coming up all over the place, in the lawn and up to 30 feet away from the original plant! It even came up clear on the other side of a garage (thats a long way for a root to travel) Its vines worked their way inside the siding on our garage causing some water damage.

The blossoms fall off and make our lawn look sloppy and the flowers attract lots of ants and wasps. Don't plant it near a doorway or you'll have ants dropping on you when you enter or leave. Don't plant it in an area that children play because of the wasps. We've never seen a hummingbird at ours.

A friend planted hers at the base of a tree, it was rather pretty when it was mature and the vine was interspersed with the leaves of the tree, it made it look like a flowering tree.

In the midwest it flowers from late June till the first frost. It required no care other than watering it and giving it sunlight to make it grow but it does require care trimming it if it overgrows it's space and pulling out the unwanted volunteer vines. During the winter and early spring the vine looks quite dead so if you want it, don't mistake it for dead and pull it out. It suddenly greens up in late spring just when you think it must have died.

How do you care for a trumpet vine. I just planted it this spring will it flower this year?
These are no more than gloified weeds...feed once a month, keep damp, and they will grow and bloom profusely. Good luck
Reply:They must be in full sun (more than 6 hours per day) or they will just sit there in the shade. Be careful, they are invasive, like English Ivy, Japanese Honeysuckle and some bamboos. My neighbor grew it in the middle of a shared driveway where he could control its spread.
Reply:I doubt it will flower this year. My neighbor planted one between our yards about 4 years ago and he said it is supposed to take 2-3 years to bloom. There were 3-4 flowers last year. The best thing to do it call your local garden center/nursery for information.

They can tell you what is best for your area. It does spead like crazy. it has grown so much it keeps trying to climb our brick on the house.

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