Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What am I doing wrong with my flowers?

Okay, every spring my daughters, my husband and I like to plant flowers.

This year, we have gotten Marigolds, Impatients, Pansies, and a couple of others.

We also planted sunflowers that are about the only things that are coming along nicely.

The Marigolds, I was told are very hard to kill, but they are dying, nonetheless. All of the half blooms are drying up and falling off, and we water everything daily. The soil is nice and moist and we have mixed flower food into the soil as well.

The pansies are a disaster. There are no longer any flowers left, but the stems are all nicely green and healthy. The Impatients are going the same road as the Pansies, and I am getting very frustrated.

I know I am not the best, and generally have a blue thumb as opposed to a green one, but I was assured all we picked out were very hard to kill and that all would be fine in direct sun as we have little shade here.

Any suggestions would be great.

What am I doing wrong with my flowers?
Pansies do not like hot weather. and if you are watering everything daily.. you might be watering to much... if you marigolds are drying out and dying.. are the leaves drying too? or just the blossoms? because some flowers you need to dead head before lots of blooms come back.

Petunias and dianthses work well in direct sunlight. good luck!
Reply:Try not to water so much. Pinch back the marigolds, and they will thrive. They won't grow as full unless you deadhead the spent blooms. Don't feel bad about pinching them back, you can dry out the seeds and use them to plant next year! :) Good luck!
Reply:Sounds like something is having a good meal. Spray with soap and water, Than throw a little Epsom salt in there. Water in well. You should see mine after I gave them Epsom salt,WOW! I'm going to have to trim them back!
Reply:mabey ask a gardener at a near-by staore. remeber to water them though but not to much or to littlle
Reply:You might be overwatering them. Daily could sometimes be too much, especially if they are planted directly into the ground. It usually retains its moisture much longer then pots. My container plants that are in direct sunlight for 8 good hours of the day, only need to be watered every other day.

Impatients are shade lovers from what I know. And Pansies I don't think like the heat, always seem to do better in the spring or the fall.

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