Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What do you do to recover plants and flowers from a freeze?

We had a pretty good freeze here last night, I had my flower bed covered w/ sheets and our dog decided these were for him and scratched them all into a pile and slept on them. So of course this left all my perennials uncovered. Some are slightly black already. What do I need to do now and in the future for them. These plants and flowers had already had lots of their spring growth when this freeze came in. We are suppose to have below freezing temps for the next 3 nights. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What do you do to recover plants and flowers from a freeze?
If any plants get burnt by a frost overnight you can save them by hosing them first thing in the morning. This removes the frozen water off and should save them. Cut back slightly and make sure you cover frost tender plants.
Reply:if they are small icecream buckets will work. i remember when i was a kid my mom got these little paper domes for her tomato plants. looked like little tee pees in the garden! but they work check with your local greenhouse!
Reply:I left a basil out by accident and it burnt too, I pulled off all the black leaves and trimmed the little stems and hopefully, it'll pull thru. I'm not sure if plants fully recover once they freeze, at least for this year. Contact your local nursery for specific plants..they can give you the best ideas..
Reply:here in strawberry country the growers mist the plants with water and it forms a protective coating and the plants do not freeze

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