Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What kind of flower seeds can I plant in the early spring?

I have some space I want to make colorful. So i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of flowers I can plant in a shaded area. And what flowers I can plant with their being direct sunlight. I want to plant seeds because this is going to be a project with kids. The more colorful the better! If anyone has an suggestions I would really appreciate it!!

What kind of flower seeds can I plant in the early spring?
I'm not sure what zone you are in, this is always important. However, try zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos in the sunny area. Very easy to grow and make beautiful, colorful blossoms. These are called annuals. The wonderful thing about zinnias are when they die, they usually drop seeds and will come up a second time or next season depending on your zone. Usually the blue and purple varieties will grow in the shade, larkspur, sweet william, violas, bachelor buttons. If color is what you want avoid a shade garden. Reds, oranges, and yellows do well in the sun. There are so many varieties of zinnias and marigolds and zinnias this may be enough. Dahlias (bulb plants) are colorful also. Kids like butterfly and hummingbird garden also.
Reply:I planted crackerjack marigolds one year and they are very showy. They come in mixed colors and grow fast and big.

But for a shaded area Hosta perannuals are nice and bleeding hearts



here is another one

Reply:go to the store and pick out seeds together .you can plant almost anything you would like.lavender forget-me-not wild flowers ,roses,lilly's those are bulbs you can even plant bulbs together.
Reply:Poppies, larkspursand and coneflowers are three of my favorites.

Reply:it depends on the weather. if its hot you should plant roses. if its mild you could plant tulips.

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