Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you prefer weeds or flowers in the spring?

Flowers in the spring

Do you prefer weeds or flowers in the spring?
Thanks again I love the spring my allergies hate it but I sure don't. ;o) Thanks for choosing my answer as your best answer and Have a great day! Report It

Reply:weed for sure hehe ; )

nah its gotta be flowers!
Reply:definately i would prefer flowers than weeds anytime of the year!
Reply:Since most "weeds" have flowers, if you plant weeds you'll have both! How about that!
Reply:duh flowers
Reply:ive been digging at those weeds all day so i can plant some flowers.
Reply:Weeds. Big, green, stinky, stoney weeds. Oh yeah.
Reply:Flower to be sure, but I usually wind up with a combination.
Reply:both then dig them out so I could plant new flowers

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