Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How would you describe Vancouver in Spring?

I need this for my story. My setting is in Vancouver. I have a house in Vancouver then when I look out the window I have to see a beautiful Vancouver scene of Spring. Such as: Cherry blossoms were out, flowers were blooming in many different colours etc..

How would you describe Vancouver in Spring?
Are you in Vancouver? From Vancouver? Because there are two kinds of Vancouver spring days. The first has, as you said, streets lined with blossoming cherry trees, forsythia shrubs, daffodils and crocuses in gardens and the parks. Brilliant blue skies, deep blue mountains. The other is grey skies and drizzle, fog rolling in means that the sky will clear, no fog means grey all day. The blue mountians fuzzing out into clouds. Also beautiful, but more subtle and understated.

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