Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Any ideas for colorful Fall plants and flowers?

I live in Georgia, below Atlanta, and I am looking to plant some new plants for Fall to replace the flowers I planted in the Spring. I am looking for something to plant around my mailbox, and around a large flower bed that will tolerate frost, but has a vibrant color, preferabbly in the red family. I would like to do either flowers or plants. The area is mostly full-sun right now. I am thinking of picking up something at Lowes or Home Depot. Also, when should I plant for Fall?

Any ideas for colorful Fall plants and flowers?
try getting Hardy Mums, they have very pretty flowers on them, and they can survive the winter in Missouri so I am sure they will live there.
Reply:Mums are your best bet. If you are going to plant for fall, I would suggest you buy mums that are not budded out (flower-wise) quite yet or are just starting. If you wait, it's okay to put some out nearer to fall that are just about to bloom or have started blooming. Some people bury the whole pot to hide the fact that the mums were recently planted; some put a bunch of potted or bushel-basketed mums on their front steps as sort of a decorative touch. And yes, most mums you plant will winter-over and come back the next year. (Even some of those indoor, greenhouse grown mums will do this -- you have to experiment.)
Reply:Mums are gorgeous in the fall and thrive when it gets cooler. I also like ornamental cabbage, and that is actually frost resistant. I live in NY, (a hour north of NYC), and my ornamental cabbage last right through December. Pansies also do well in the fall.
Reply:I would go with the mum lady...That is the hardiest fall plant, and you can get it in many colors...I also like fall pansies...They come back to enjoy the fall weather...Many colors in this also...
Reply:For low ground covering - winter flowering pansies - large flower varieties the vibrant colour variation is enormous. They actually flower continuously throughout the year if you don't allow the seeds to develop and a light trim every so often to keep its shape compact.

From seed you should be able to start them off now, as long as you protect the seedlings from strong direct sunlight.

autumn fern..

Blanket Flower..

or just about anything that happens to strike your fancy when you see it. Don't limit yourself..


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