Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can I store my flower bulbs through the winter and plant them in the spring?

I bought a ton of fall bulbs to plant on my property but time is ticking away and I don't think I am going to have the time to get a flower bed built and get them in the ground. Is there a way to store them so they aren't killed and so I can still plant them in the spring?

Can I store my flower bulbs through the winter and plant them in the spring?
Put your bulbs in your produce bin in your refrig 'til spring; then put them out every two weeks for continual blooming. Make sure you don't put apples in the refrigerator while the bulbs are in there though, because the gases in apples cause the bulbs to rot. I don't think I'd freeze them though.
Reply:Put them in your refrigerator or freezer, this may sound stupid but it is how nature would treat them.
Reply:Put in paper bag in keep in the crisper section of your refrigerator
Reply:I would do my best to get them in the ground, depending on your zone there still should be time. Don't try to store them over the winter in your freezer, this will not work. Here's an article you may find helpful "Winter is Coming and Hardy Bulbs Didn't Get Planted" http://www.extension.umn.edu/projects/ya...
Reply:Yes, keep them in a cool dry place and they will be fine to plant in the spring
Reply:Well, you could pot them up and keep them watered and plant them next spring, but they're not likely to bloom for you under those conditions.

If you just store them as is, next spring most of the bulb mass will have metabolized and they'll be unlikely to grow.

One of the fastest ways I know of to plant a bunch of bulbs in a hurry is to build a raised bed. Strip off some sod, and lay the

bulbs out on the ground, fairly close together. Dump topsoil over the bulbs to the appropriate depth. Water. Mark the clumps next spring as they're blooming so you can lift them in early summer to early fall and shift them to where they have to go.

Alternatively, you can put a lot of bulbs in the ground quickly with a power auger.
Reply:the secret is keeping them dry so they dont go mouldy and rot.put them in a breathable bag dusted with a fungicide and stored in a cool dry dark place

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