Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are there any evergreen trees that flower in spring or summer?

Are there any trees that are green year round but also flower at some point too?

Are there any evergreen trees that flower in spring or summer?
No. Evergreens (pines, spruces, firs, cedars etc) do not flower (at least in the conventional sense). Evergreens are in the group of plants called Gymnosperms which means naked seed. Angiosperms are the group of plants that flowering plants fall into.
Reply:Rhododendron have evergreen leaves and flower in the spring, but they aren't evergreen like spruces or pines. Azeala, related to the rhododendron, have ever green leaves and flower too.

Depending on where you live hollys can be grown as trees and have small flowers, and in the winter will have red berries- as long as you have a male %26amp; female tree for pollination.
Reply:A bracken's Brown Magolia is an excellent choice -- leaves are green on the top all year and velvety brown underneath. Flowers are huge and make beautiful floating flowers when you entertain. The tree is disease and pest resistant and a magnificent specimen.
Reply:Pine cones are" technically " the flowers of pine trees.
Reply:Holly does flower and is an evergreen.
Reply:southern magnolias, magnolia grandaflora, other magnolia var,
Reply:camellias and evergreen mangnoilas are a few

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