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What flower seeds can I plant in the fall in Tennessee to bloom in the Spring?

I live in western Tennessee. Some people around here plant flower seeds in their flower beds in the fall that bloom in the early spring. The winters here are fairly mild, but we do get a few spells in the winter with below freezing temperatures. Can anyone suggest a few types of flowers that would do well planting under these conditions?

What flower seeds can I plant in the fall in Tennessee to bloom in the Spring?
Your early spring flowers need to be planted in the fall: Johnny Jump ups, larkspur, poppies, snapdragons, sweet peas, sweet alyssum, lobelia and pansies as well as flowering kale. These last two often show up as bedding plants to be put out within the next few weeks....end of Sept.....and then nurtured through the winter where they burst into color before anyone else wakes up. Remember they will need moisture through the winter and be prepared to give them a mulch when temps threaten to nose dive. Dry grass clippins are wonderful to have on hand........it if isn't bermudagrass. Otherwise, ground up leaves (use the lawn mower) may be enough to throw over the beds.

If you had a dedicated growing bed, like a cold frame, you could sow perennials now and then transplant them to the garden next spring.

Remember nature has been sowing her seeds now, so why not you? Goodness, I remember one year I didn't get my zinnias cut down and the next year I had a carpet of zinnia seedlings........what a mess!
Reply:You might consider planting wildflowers; the fall planting scheme works very well for them.

One of the best places you can get information on the types of flowers that will grow well in your area is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center; it's located in Austin, Texas, but they have information on wildflowers for all 50 states.
Reply:canna bulbs or iris seeds Wish I had some way to send you some yellow iris seeds....I have over 2 lb.......
Reply:Walk around your neighborhood-- friends and acquaintances have spent flowers now-- see if you can get some of those dried flower heads-- take them home-- scratch your ground ( or what ever works for you)-- put that flower head between your hands and rub them apart-- sprinkle the seeds/remainder of the head and all.

Right now in zone 7 I have larkspur, echinacea, a small yellow from the echinacea group-- bachelor buttons-- all sorts of flowers drying-- most self sow.

good luck
Reply:Bulbs are your best bet for early spring blooms. Iris, tulips and hyacinth are beautiful. Pansies can be planted in the fall and will bloom through the winter and really show off in spring.
Reply:Perennial flowers are what you need and there are thousands of different types. Send for a free seed catalog and look through the perennials. Here are just two, but there are hundreds more free catalogs:



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