Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do you have any Spring flowers popping up?

I can see a few trying to poke their little heads out!!

Do you have any Spring flowers popping up?
I have daffodils and crocus popping up in my garden.
Reply:Not yet. It's a tad early for that here in SE Michigan.
Reply:Yes, I sure do. I have paper whites and daffodils in the garden. They are actually up about 2 inches now.
Reply:Some in Bloom
Reply:yes ive noticed a few comeing through in my garden
Reply:yes, when spring comes everything will be dead
Reply:The only thing in the snow that I'm seeing is the dog poop poking out of the snow for me to clean up. It would be WONDERFUL to see some spring flowers!
Reply:Yes, I have tulips starting to come up out of the ground.

Yea, spring is on the way! Yippee!!!
Reply:yes I have Iris's and flags coming up( their about 3" tall)... it's the 60's in Feb thats doing it :)
Reply:Not yet. And we have 2 more stroms on the way, Tuesday and possibly Friday.

Man dear..this is the most 'winter' I can recall here.

Global warming my azz...

Reply:If they're trying I can't see them 'cuz they are buried under the snow.
Reply:i wouldnt know we have snow all over the ground lol
Reply:I live in Kansas. We have crocuses starting to come up, they haven't bloomed yet.
Reply:Not even close. It keeps snowing here and the temperature never wants to go above 15 degrees F. (Iowa)
Reply:Not yet. Waiting for the purple crocus in NJ :)

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