Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It was one spring morning when the flowers were still succumb in the cradle of their bud... birds chirped...?

the first songs of the day

butterflies danced with

the flickering light of the sun

peeping from the leaves

of the elder Oak

as the breeze whispers

through sweet sage

of morning dews.....

a harmonious perfection

til came the day has passed

nightfall calls....

and as i fell into deep slumber

i have indulged myself

to the sweetest dreams....

came pursuing of something

seems cannot be seen

it wasn't for me....

but still....

i forged through the darkest

of nightmares to seek

a path were flowers bloom

but never under the Moon....

and so as time aged....

a tingling sensation in my heart

tells me....

...tears will fall soon

upon cascading memories

of flowers that danced with the sun....

and with my last breath

i struggle to free myself

from the cold embrace

of dreams

that was never meant for me....

and as i look back....

...i long for that special spring morning when the flowers were in bloom....

and so....

...do you often stop and remind yourself to look at the flowers?

It was one spring morning when the flowers were still succumb in the cradle of their bud... birds chirped...?
Wonderfully written. Beautiful poem, Mek.

Stop to smell the flowers, but do it before they're pollinated.
Reply:All my senses get satisfaction from flowers. Their colours, their texture, and their scent awaken my most precious childhood memories... I was born in a house with a big flowery garden you see....
Reply:Nightmares curse unresting, and fling this weary mind into the snare of a wicked one who has forgotten the pleasant aroma, sweet beauty and allure of flower petals, the exhilaration of Spring sunshine. Her soul is laid to unrest these many years, only to liven at night, where I guard one flower near.
Reply:Very Beautiful, Mek!!!

I do stop and admire the flowers and all of God's beauty...just not enough...thanks for reminding me...I promise to do this more.
Reply:i always do and they remind me of wht a beautiful and special person you are ...
Reply:I try and gather my rose bud while I may but it is cold outside and it's mot even May.
Reply:Beautiful!!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!

I try to look everday!!
Reply:I admire the beauty that is often taken for granted.

I admire your beautiful soul as well.

Thank you Mek.
Reply:Whoa...who knew? Pretty awesome.....
Reply:yes,often,and that is very deep.encore!
Reply:My most cherished memories are the ones when I stopped to look at the flowers. Honestly, I dont think I do that as much anymore...shame.

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