Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have to do a STILL LIFE on spring....but my teachers told me not to draw any flowers...any idea on wat to?

Iam not allowed to do scenery or figures or flowers

I have to do a STILL LIFE on spring....but my teachers told me not to draw any flowers...any idea on wat to?
Use something that relates to spring. Like baseball, or a puddle. You could also use some sort of symbolism for the season. Spring represents birth and begining so maybe relating to a new begining.
Reply:I'd say animals mating but that's not exactly "still"

How about a calender on a wall with the first day of spring circled next to a window with morning sun shining into it?
Reply:I think that a grouping of eggs, some in egg cups, would be beautiful. You could get a lot of shadow play from the curved surface of the eggs.

Another idea would be to create a grouping of a big floppy hat, gardening tools and seed packets. There won't be any flowers in the picture, but you still would get the spring fever planting thing across.

Hope this helped!
Reply:Maybe a scene with baby peeps or bunnies?
Reply:Spring is the season for all creatures to become fruitful and multiply, so an erotic theme, although considered tasteless, would be appropriate.

Also, Spring seems to be the time when people go insane and go postal. Don't know why this is, but we've just seen yet another example of it.

I'd really like to see you do this as sarcasm: Spring is tornado season in America. I see no artists (other than myself) fixating on the painting or illustrating of tornadoes, storms, mesocyclones and the like. That would be interesting.

Good luck.
Reply:eggs in a nest or basket, a bird's nest, fake birds, watering can, bulbs (plant bulbs..not sure if your teacher would let you) seed packets and gardening tools, basket with gardening gloves and gardening trowel, a hose, a straw hat and gardening gloves,
Reply:Looks like the teacher wants you to think out of the box.

How about a baseball %26amp; glove?

An empty butterfly cocoon?

A bottle of eyedrops and allergy medicine?

All sorts of ideas come when you aren't limited to just flowers.
Reply:Take 4 or 5 books, preferably hardbacks, and stack them haphazardly on a small side table and draw or paint that. If you need to use the table, take a snapshot of it so you can draw from the snapshot.
Reply:You could draw a calendar, clock, (tax season, time change), cleaning supplies (spring cleaning), a plant or baby items (to symoblize new life), flip flops (warm weather clothing). Hope this helps! Good luck!
Reply:hmm....this would be so pretty! i'm not sure what your specialty in drawing is, but it would be cool if you had a bird nest near your house and took a picture of the baby birds. that might be kind of tough though....hmmm....the egg idea is cool, but somewhat bland....the bedspring idea is funny, but your teacher can consider it smartoff and might count off....perhaps try to think of somthing besides the outdoors that you think of when you think of spring. maybe draw baby animals, since spring is generally when animals lay their eggs or give birth. good examples are rabbits, ducks, birds, deer, etc.
Reply:Spring represents re-birth, life, fertility. Find re-birth/fertility in still life.

Fruit in a bowl

Apple with a bite out of it

Wine canter w/ wine in glass spilled

on table dripping onto floor.

Emply vase

Vase w/crystal beads, balls, rocks
Reply:You could do a still life on a spring, like one that is in a bed. Haha, how could she argue?

Or one with a tax service desk and the files piled high, because spring is tax season.
Reply:A bowl of fruit is quite traditional

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