Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ideas for summer/winter flowering hardy perenial plants/bulb for a very shady area ihave spring bulbs already?

the spring bulbs do quite well but now flowers have gone area looking quite barren

Ideas for summer/winter flowering hardy perenial plants/bulb for a very shady area ihave spring bulbs already?

I'm in roughly your part of the world and I have found an almost endless amount of things that will do well in shade (north facing ) Unless you are blocked by buildings every part of a garden will get some sun - especialy during high summer.

I'm just going to list some of the plants I grow (and can remember) and if you want more details email me your particular situation and I will see if I have any ideas (or photo's to help with ideas.)

From the top then;

Ceanothus, Honeysuckles, Philadelphus, climbing roses, clematis - evergreen, Montana %26amp; various mid season ones, trachleospermum (evergreen Jasmine) Jasmine Stephanotis, calistemmon (bottle brush) Ivy, Fatsia Japonica, tree ferns, Phormiums - red and green, Phygelius, diddy little viburnum, Acanthus Mollis, Alchemilla Mollis, Heuchera, Crocosmia, Saxifraga, Solomons seal, Miscanthus, sedges, Pieris, Magnolia stellata, native Geraniums, Hostas, Shasta daisies, Ophiopogon, foxgloves, Lobelia Syphilitica, Lots of lillies, Acer's disectum and big leaved ones too, loads of ferns, Granny's Bonnetts, Primula's, alliums, Hellebores, meadows rue, poppies (welsh and oriental) Physostegia.

I can't think of anything more at the moment and it's dark now, so will stop typing as I'm not sure where my torch is!

The one thing I have found is that you have to give them a bit more help to get established than in other parts of the garden - but they reward you by flowering for longer, and give you a lush feeling even on the hottest of days.

I used to think shade was a tough area to plant and now it's my favourite bit!

Good luck!
Reply:Hellebores look beautiful on mass. Also Acanthus mollis grows well in the shade even though most people grow it in the sun. Snowflakes make a good show in the shade also.
Reply:ck out the online site called www.directgardening.com or even better ck out sunset western garden books - a wealth of info on plants, plant care %26amp; what grows best in what location depending on the "zone" you live in
Reply:You need to tell us what growing zone you are in. I am in 9/10 in central Florida.
Reply:Eucara's do very well in a shady place, if you are in England.

Bugle, Clematis 'Nelly Moser' or any other North Facing Clematis. (that likes shade). Ferns.

Look it all up on a gardening web site to suit your area. There is never a need to have a dull place without colour or flowers.
Reply:Yes - what zone?

There are things like Lamium which will provide excellent cover in all zones - but you really need to check you don't have one of the common (for common - read INVASIVE) ones!

REALLY pretty - VERY invasive! Very good in shade all year round just about anywhere!
Reply:If in the UK - crocus, snowdrops, blue bells, primroses, cyclamen.

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