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When should you plant trees,tulips and and other bulb flowers?

We just built a home and I have 3 ac. of ground to plant on. I really would like to see some flowers this spring can I plant in the fall?

When should you plant trees,tulips and and other bulb flowers?
Hi. I'm from 7b. You can definately plant tress and perennials this fall (it's actually the best time for perennials) starting around the first of September when the temperatures begin to cool a little (it's been sooooo hot here! =o). Oh, and check your gardening centers for deals on can usually get great prices this time of year. I get lots of deals on perennials from the plant clearance section of our local Lowe's.

Now about the bulbs: Daffodils grow great around here and are very low maintenance. You can even plant them in the middle and all over your yard because they bloom before the grass starts to green. When the daffodils have done their thing is when it's about time for the first grass cutting and you just mow over them. Tulips don't do very well here because our winters just aren't cold enough. You can start planting spring bulbs as soon as the ground reaches 55 - 60 degress. To test, just place a thermometer in the soil and wait 5 mins.

You can also plant Azaleas in the fall for spring color. Look for them in garden nurseries. My homestead verbena 'purple' bloomed like crazy last spring and it's very easy to grow and will continue to bloom through the summer until fall. Iris' are great too. You can get the bearded or not bearded (also known as "flags") just remember to plant them shallow. I got all mine from friends. So as you can imagine, they multiply. My favorite is the yellow Siberian.

Hope this helps! Happy Gardening!
Reply:It's okay to plant your trees now. Plant tulips and bulbs around Oct/Nov. for Spring blooms around Feb/March.
Reply:Use wildflowers in one patch - you'll love the blanket of color throughout spring

Check the instructions for planting bulbs in your zone - it really matters as the bulbs can't take hot heat very long.

Also if you're planting iris - you don't put the bulb completely covered. I do recommend iris - especially the German variety - as they'll get bigger every year. Same with Daylilies..

Have fun - and take things slow...
Reply:Well at the end of Sept would be a very good time to plant all bulbs it is usually cool enough outside for them and early enough for them to get established root wise before the winter freezes come in..You do know that watering during the winter is very good for them.. even when the ground is frozen. they still need moisture to grow..

If you plant at the end of Sept.. and keep them watered good you should come up with some very good and pretty flowers in the spring.. you can also plant in the spring time.. when there is no more threats of frost.. but most likely won't bloom that year. so best is to plant end of sept. Make sure you dig your holes for planting over sized so the root systems have room to spread and not just go into balls if the soil is to hard.

good luck and hope that everything is really pretty in the spring for you..
Reply:Most bulbs and trees can be planted in the fall. Usually tulips are planted around November. They need a cold winter to do well in the spring. I've never had good luck with tulips because I live in the south and our winters are not cold enough.
Reply:Depends on what bulbs you are planting and where you live. If you get winter snow and freezing where you are - don't plant summer blooming bulbs now but next spring after the ground thaws. You can plant tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and any other spring blooming bulbs now or up until the ground freezes.

Fall is also a good time to plant trees and perennials.

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