Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is the best time to plant spring flowering bulbs?

You should plant your spring flowering bulbs at least five weeks before the ground freezes in the late fall. So its important to get your bulbs in immediately. Make sure you get large, healthy ones. This is also a good time to relocate, transplant, and divide your bulbs. Use the “three times” rule. Plant each bulb three times as deep as the bulb is high and about 3” apart. Try planting them in groups for aesthetic appeal. If you still have foliage on your bulbs, wait until the it becomes entirely yellowed.

What is the best time to plant spring flowering bulbs?
packs always say september so probably now - i did plant daffodils last December though and they still came through but much later than everyone elses and probably not as strongly as they may have been if i'd planted them earlier - they did last ages though! Best idea plant your bulbs now to get flowers end feb / mar if not earlier.
Reply:Put them in before the ground freezes up. Any time is OK for bulbs. The only risk is if they get dug up and eaten by squirrels etc.
Reply:Any time before the ground freezes. If your garden tends to be wet put some grit underneath the bulb to prevent the roots from rotting, and if you have squirrels in the garden they do like crocus bulbs, they can be stopped by putting chicken wire over the top of the bulbs or soaking them in parafin, the crocus that is, the squirrels aren't that pleased if you do it to them.
Reply:go for it now ?and you will be glad you did before the winter frost sets in and early spring a beautiful colour in your garden and pots
Reply:Depends on what part of the country you live in, I live in the south so I'll wait a while longer until the nights are in the 50's so they don't start growing, they need to form roots frist and get settled in so to speak.
Reply:round about now.
Reply:now, but i still havnt got round to doing mine yet, must do it on my next day off
Reply:Fall before the ground freezes. Be sure to put in a bulb fertilizer with the bulbs! You will be so happy next Spring! Good luck!
Reply:Depending where in the world you live. The best time to plant spring bulbs is late(Autumn/Fall)when the ground still holds some of the warmth. Put in some drainage material so that the bulbs do not get water logged. And feed after they have flowered so they can build-up reserve for next flowering season. If you plant the bulb 4times its height in depth would be a good guide, you shouldn't then put it to shallow/deep. Good Luck for the future.
Reply:now before any frost sets in

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