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I'm working on a greenhouse project in school.We want to raise some herbs or flowers to sell in the spring.

This is to include advertising and what to grow and perhaps pricing. The monies will be used for other greenhouse projects that our school doesn't want to give us.What should we do to ensure an eventful sale day?We need creative ways for advertising cheap as we can get and what else?

I'm working on a greenhouse project in school.We want to raise some herbs or flowers to sell in the spring.
In getting the word out - check to see if your community paper has free advertising for schools. Also contact your local newspaper to see if they would feature your school's project.

Next you should make flyers and post them in your local stores. You can also make flyers to post on poles right before the event - they should be near traffic lights so that people can see them (check your local government about any regulations).

Don't forget to put a few in your local libraries, coffeeshops and bookstores.

As to what to grow - fresh herbs are good - early herbs would be oregano, thyme, dill and sage. Basil tends to be later in the season. With regards to flowers - mums, daisies, lillies and so on. You could even try Nasturtium - you can eat them. Check with a local commerical greenhouse as to what grows well in your area. Also don't neglect to make sure the soil you use is in good shape - add lime or mulch to compensate.

On a last note - have you thought about growing vegetables?

Good luck!
Reply:I strongly second the previous suggestion for vegetable starts...be sure they are hardened off or let the customers know (so that they are happy customers for next season/year!).

Easy vegetables for growing in starter packs/pots include: lettuce,mesclun salad mix, kale, swiss chard, and brocolli. Some other plants include fragrant sweet peas and also, as previously suggested, nasturtiums).

I have worked in garden centres and commercial greenhouses and these type of plants are often most popular to the spring gardener. If I knew more about your climate/planting zone I might be able to make more suggestions...

Have fun!
Reply:I wish I was close to help!

Contact your local super market and ask them if you could post fliers, also go door to door and contact the city you live in. THe best thing is if you have a flea market or perhaps on a corner of a gas station somewhere like thaqt you could sell the things. People love to but fresh! Basit-Cilantro-Parsley (Italian) Chives-

Carnations, petunias, there are many flowers that would sell well. Be prepared. if this takes off you may need to open a shop! Good Luck

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