Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is your favorite Spring flower?

I love tulips.

Unfortunately,so do the deer around here--as a yummy snack;)

What is your favorite Spring flower?
Snowdrops and crocus - 1 of my earliest memories is being in the park with my mum and seeing the grass covered with them. They seemed like magic to me- in a way they still do, the way they fight up from the cold and have so much to show, after the cold of winter.

Have filled my garden with them, decades later ):
Reply:I really like daffodils but the snow crocus is my all time fave because it is always first to bloom in our area.
Reply:i love lilies and tulips are nice toooo

And I love Narcissus (I sometimes worry what that says about me!)
Reply:Daffodill. They live longer than tulips.
Reply:how could I choose just one?!?
Reply:Hyacinth because of the strong fragrance and they too are early bloomers! Easter Lilies and Appleblossoms smell wonderful too! Il have a large yard and LOTS of blloming planst and I still think a breeze with appleblossom scent is tough to beat! (So are Lilacs....) I have to pick just one?
Reply:Tulips and Dafidols:)
Reply:lilacs have the most amazing fragrance and can transform your can trim them to desired height once yearly
Reply:Bluebells and Daffs in the UK, Bluebonnets in Texas
Reply:oh! babe you got me now, I love two and they are the crocus and the daffodil.

It really lifts your spirits when the weather's bad and the garden's bare, then suddenly you find the lawn full of them!
Reply:crocus i have just spotted the first one in my garden a yellow one must go and take a piccy.
Reply:I like bluebells. Unfortunately, so do the cats around here - they p1ss all over them!
Reply:I love all flowers especially in the Spring, someone on here is asking where you are you better have a look.
Reply:tulips and iris
Reply:With St Valentine's Day coming up how could I answer anything but the flower of love. Roses.

Don't worry about deer there with the roses, they are far too prickly to eat

Reply:snowdrops they remind me spring is not to far away and my mum used to collect them she mad about 25 different cultivated varieties

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